The Ocean Sways

theocean waves




                                          on a stormy



go the mighty waves


their mighty fists!


On a calm day  

                                        the ocean was little swaying flowers

it was clear as a glass cup

                                   the waves  were

                                                            dancing at the

                                                                        dawn of night
Flickr image: Storm over the Ocean by Beth Sargent

The Maori Mihi!!!

Tomorrow my class is going to Skype with Mr. Webb’s class! We are going to ask questions about them and their class, and they are also going to ask us questions about Canada. This is a Maori mihi and it’s a traditional greeting.

Earth Day 2010

save planet earth

On April 24th it was Earth Day. People are encouraged to help the earth. On Earth Day people save energy by turning off the lights, and other electronics. Picking up garbage and cutting back on their carbon footprint by riding bikes, rollerblading, skateboarding and much more! The Ripple Effect (our class blog) made a post on it! My class wrote on our desk tops, played a game that we had to find the UTC time zones, we had an assembly and we also played games for Earth Day. Zac Whyte came into our school and he is a person that worked with free the children and he also worked with the Earth day society. He has a blog and it’s called The Power of R! This blog is a pretty interesting blog!

Thank-you for reading this post!

Flickr image: Save Planet Earth by ozgurmulazimoglu under creative commons picture is share alike, attribution, and non-comercial.

The Crazy Man Book

Hello again! My class and I read this book called The Crazy Man and it’s a pretty interesting book. The whole book is a free verse poem! Some of  the themes in the book were loss, survival, friendship, and prejudice. I chose was Loss which you can see on my glog!



My Survey For The Enterpreneur Fair!

Hello, three of the classes in my school are getting some data for our Enterpreneur Fair! This is an event where we make crafts or other things to sell. We’re learning about how to run a business. So you can absolutly feel free to fill this out!

Blogging Avatars

MyHeroThis is the time to shine with your avatar!

Why do you use your avatar? The main reason is because when you use  picturesof yourself online then people have extra information about you and as a kid, it’s important to protect your personal information. I don’t post pictures of myself on my blog just like I don’t let people know where I live, or what’s my last name. If you make an avatar it can still show what you look like, but as a cartoon. You can use one to express yourself as well.

So be careful  when you use your real picture. I hope you are Internet savvy!

Blogging Challenge 2

Can you please ….

Bright Fractal… come and visit my blog? I would like to share some things  about my blog, although you can probably tell from the title what I normally write about is animals – all types of animals. I like different types of animals even if they are poisonous or not, I just think about the balance of life and we need all types of animals in the world. Some may look and act a lot like each other, but they are all different. You might think some look ugly but to me they are all so cute!

Some other things I talk about is the Olympics,  rights of children, Canada, some poems, and I have an ”about me” page. We write posts so that I can learn a little bit of stuff and teach a little bit of stuff too! The reason why I like writing about the Olympics is because Alexandre Bilodeau won the first gold medal on home soil.  

flickr image: Bright Fractal by Donna Fractal under Creative Commons (CC)

Baby fennec fox!!!!!

A Fennec Fox!!!

This unusual fox is a mammal and it is an omnivore which is an animal that eats both meat (other animals) and vegetables (leaves, berries etc). It is the smallest fox in the world except when foxes are born because they are very tiny. The fennec fox has extremely large ears compared to normal foxes such as a red fox. Their body is practically tinier then their own ears! These foxes can be as tiny as your palm. That’s how small they are!


 Baby fennec foxes are soo cute when they are a baby! Here is what a newborn fennec fox looks like:Fennec Fox



 love fennec foxes even though I haven’t seen one in real life. I was about to see one in Hawaii at the  zoo but then the zoo keepers were doing something with them!

Do you like them? Yes or No. Take your pick! If you know anything about these unusual animals let me know! If you want to learn about any other animals then check these posts out:

Flickr image: Tower of Fennecs by Joachim S. Müller under Creative Commons (CC)

Flickr image: Fennec Fox by real disten under Creative Commons (CC)

My Favourite Animal!!!!

The Howling Wolf!!!Hello readers! What is my favorite animal you say? Well…… my favorite animals are wolves because they are sooo fierce, strong, cute, (even though they do look cuddly!), and they are protective of their pups! They are named after Asena – I found this information at Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia under Grey Wolves.  Are you wondering who Asena is? Asena is a mythical female wolf that found an injured baby boy and she took care of him. She later saved him by getting killed by the Chinese commanding officer, but the baby boy got his arms cut off before any of that happpened. Isn’t that sad?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thanks for commenting if you did!!!

 image:From Wikipedia: Dakota, a Grey Wolf – Public Domain, by Retron by Thomas Roche under Creative Commons (CC)

Internet Savvy

internet safety

When you’re on the Internet, you should keep personal information to yourself. To do this, it’s important to not give out your birthday, your last name, your email address, where you live, or post a picture of yourself with your name.  Another way to protect your online identity is to not tell people where you go to dance, hang out or where your team plays.

When you post a picture of yourself online it will be there forever. Even if you delete it, it’s never going to be gone. Search engines like Google or Ask are always taking scans of websites for search results, which means even if your picture is uploaded for even a minute it could be scanned and cached for as long as you live. People from all over the world can also see your picture and it only takes seconds to download it and then they have a copy of it. That means it’s as easy as 1-2-3 for people all over the world to have your picture on their computer!! When people have their own copy you can’t control what they do to it. Sometimes when images are remixed it can lead to cyberbullying because the new image is shared online through email or sites like Flickr or Facebook. People have been hurt a lot when this happens.

There is a lot of great information on the Internet and it’s really fun making videos and blogging with Web 2.0 tools, but it’s important to be Internet savvy.  How are you being responsible online?


 flickr image: Internet Safety by Tcoffey under Creative Commons (CC)

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